Singing For Beginners – What You Should Know to Start

Although there is no substitute for upgrading your singing skills than to get some kind of professional tutoring, there are some things that you can do yourself that should help you. You can develop your own style, for one. But first, last, and foremost you have to sing on key. You have to hit the notes. If you are not hitting all of the notes, all the “style” in the world will not help you to become an effective singer.

Practice singing scales (do re mi…) and record them. Then play the recording back and listen. If you have the talent to sing in the first place, you will be able to tell if you are singing on key. Work on your mistakes while you are recording. You’re not making an audition recording here, so don’t worry about the mistakes — just learn from them.

Once you are confident that you are hitting the notes, do it again but try these things:

1. Sing the scales up and down staccato (that is, “clip” each note). Over annunciate each note.

2. Sing the scales up and down legato (that is, smooth and run together).

3. Sing 1 and 2 alternately in the same scale (staccato legato, staccato legato).

4. Sing 1, 2, and 3 above softly.

5. Sing 1, 2, and 3 above loudly (but not screaming).
You must also concentrate on hitting each note. (

I could also mention “sing from the diaphragm”, but that is a touchy subject. This is more concerned with breathing properly. A lot of people sing while holding their breath. “Using your diaphragm” involves exhaling the notes out — which means at some point you need to, um, inhale. It’s all about breathing properly. Some kind of professional tutoring may be necessary here.

At the same time that you are doing all of these boring exercises, start listening to your favorite songs and imitate the singing style. Every nuance, every inflection of the voice — copy it exactly and precisely making sure that you are also hitting the notes.

Do not choose songs that have a wide vocal range of notes that are out of your range. Some singers have 2, 3 or more octave vocal ranges, and most of us have no ability to do this. Also keep in mind that many of these recordings won’t be in your “key”, or effective vocal range. You will have to sing them in your key. If you don’t know how to do this, stay away from songs that you are not able to copy directly from. You don’t want to strain or blow out your voice.

If you can do this with enough songs, you will begin to categorize the styles internally. Then you will start automatically “pulling” these styles out without thought when you sing. In effect you will begin to develop your own style.


At some point in this process though, if you are really serious about developing your voice for professional reasons, you will need to get professional help. You don’t want to develop a lot of bad habits.
But understand that after the ability to actually sing on key, it will be your singing style that will or won’t make people want to sit up and listen. Singing is about communication. It is your singing style that allows you to do this effectively.

Choosing the Right Sennheiser Headphones

A choice of headphones entirely depends on the user. The headphone and personal entertainment is filled with options that leave many spoilt for choice. However, one supreme brand of headphones is the Sennheiser Headphones. The features are excellent in always. How can you choose the right headphones for you? As you choose headphones, you must have something in mind or something specific you are looking for in the headphones. The following are some pointers that will help you choose the right headphones.


If you intend on wearing these headphones for a long period, you need a comfortable set. Make sure that the headband has some padding to protect you against the hard plastic. Eventually, the plastic becomes annoying and you lose the taste of wearing the headphones. In addition, you should decide whether you want headphones that fit on the ear, around or over the ears. It solely depends on what make you most comfortable. It is important to not toy cannot compromise on comfort, in fact, it is a big factor in choosing the right headphones.

Open or closed

This is an important factor when it comes to choosing your headphones. When you have headphones for long periods, your ears will eventually need to cool. Open headphones are best for this purpose. In addition, you can hear the surrounding sounds, but the headphones are powerful enough to keep your sound brilliant. However, there will be some slight sound spill with the open design. If you totally do not want to disturb your surrounding and do not want to hear the surrounding sounds, it is best to have the closed design. This will keep all the sound locked in and give you a once in a lifetime sound experience.


The right Sennheiser Headphones should be durable. The headphones you choose should meet your needs effectively with efficiency. You do not want a pair of headphones that will be damaged in the middle of a listening, gaming or recording session. You need to have reliable headphones that serve the purpose of providing great sound and entertainment. The right headphones should be built to last and the quality of the materials used should be top of the line. You cannot compromise on quality when getting the right headphones. You must ensure that your headphones are of good quality.

Sennheiser Headphones

Quality of sound

This is the paramount factor to look when choosing the right headphones. Excellent sound is the very reason why you are purchasing headphones. You need headphones with good bass and treble. The balance should be excellent to say the least. Choose headphones that respond well to sounds like lightning, gunfire and other scene indicators. This is what gives an edge over other headphones. These small details make a difference in the choice of headphones. ( same factors make you have a pleasant and unique listening experience.

Next time you choose headphones, make sure they meet your standards and expectations. The right Sennheiser Headphones must have these qualities in order for you to have an enjoyable and lasting listening experience.

Best Drinking Songs

Let’s face it, we all love drinking so why not compile a perfect list of drinking songs! Okay so basically what we will do is throw together a big list of the funniest, loudest and most obnoxious drinking songs available so we can start throwing parties and having the most fun of our lives!

Drinking as we know it is a very fun habit, whether you are at a bar or in your upstairs drinking while your kids are downstairs trying to sleep miserably listening to all of your annoying friends yell and bust out. Well, I am just speaking from my own experiences as a child. But when you have the need to get drunk, start listening to all of these songs!

They will get the party going because they are so funny and put you in the mood where you are looking for some of the best drinking songs! Okay, so a great story of drinking songs is one in a million. But here is a pretty good one! When I was a child, my parents would have parties in the attic, with a bunch of fat people who obviously were drinking too much in their lives. What I say is that these people have too much fun to get out of drinking. Anyways, they went out to a bar for a while and I was stuck in the house with my brother.

When they got back my father was screaming all over the house, he had gotten tossed by a sumo wrestler! I know sounds kind of weird but apparently they got their drinks mixed up. Anyways that is not even the beginning, the next night he went back to the same bar and asked for a rematch, once again he got tossed. But the sumo wrestler ended up coming over to our house for some fun drinking songs! That’s the type of things that drinking can do to you.

Anyways let’s look at this list of the best drinking songs!

1. Don’t come home a drinking – by Loretta Lynn

2. Dinkin’ Wine Spo Dee O Dee – by Various

3. One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer – by Amos Milburn

4. White Lightnin – by George Jones

5. Quiet Whiskey – by Wynonie Harris

6. Don’t take my whiskey away from me – by Wynonie Harris(

7. Streams of whisky – by Pogues

8. There stands the glass – by Webb pierce

9. The piano has been drinking – by Tom waits

10. Little ole wine drinker me – by Tom waits

best drinking

These are the top ten drinking songs!

However we still have many more songs for you to go through! So continue reading our website, we have about 50 Drinking songs that you can listen to and have a great time with!